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L.A. Wolves FC Plays To 1-1 Draw Against Rival La Maquina FC

UPSL Playoff Stalwarts Walk Away Even
Published Apr 23, 2018

April 22, 2018 - Lake Forest, Calif. - L.A. Wolves FC renewed an old rivalry .

Looking across the line at one its all-time nemesis, L.A. Wolves FC and Santa Ana (Calif.)-based La Maquina FC played to a 1-1 draw on Sunday night in a UPSL Pro Premier Western Conference game at Lake Forest Sports Complex.

L.A. Wolves FC Head Coach Felipe Bernal said, "I've seen La Maquina play but had never coached against them before tonight, and I'm proud of this group for securing a draw against a very skilled and organized club. La Maquina is one of the UPSL's great clubs, but we'll be looking to take the win if we play them again this season."

The club's next scheduled UPSL Pro Premier Western Conference matchup is against Ontario Fury II on Sunday, April 29.